CHAI KEE, Good Breakfast at MANTIN

#MANTIN: Parallel to Jalan Besar, Mantin is this Joint.....CHAI KEE.
Location: 219, Jalan Bunga Raya 2/1, MANTIN.
Mr Yee has been in the Wantan Mee Business for over 30 years.
Learned the trade from his Parents.
Side Order includes: Pig #Trotters, Curry Spared Ribs, Char Yoke, Soya Eggs, Chicken Feet n Innards.
They also serve nice Toast n Hot Beverages.
Prices are reasonable..... Mantin standard.
Brisk Businesses in the Morning till 10am.
Go early to avoid disappointment.
A bit short handed with Mother n a Helper.
Non Halal.
Open: 7am-2pm
Closed: Friday.
Rating: ****

Kwan Specialist Medical Centre at Seremban

#Seremban: Kwan Specialist Medical Centre #LOUNGE.
Address: B-2-1 Dataran Dental, Seremban.
General Direction: Off Jalan Pekeliling.
Jandy Leem: 0182132733
A very COSY place to have your breakfast in busy Seremban.
Their Cookies n Pastries are baked everyday.
Charges for the meals are exceptionally cheap as compared to other commercial joints.
A #Cappuccino costs only RM4 n you really feel relaxed.......while enjoying free Wi-Fi n Music.
Hostess Jandy Leem will always be of best moods at all times.
Open: 8.30am-4pm.
Closed: Sunday n all Public Holidays.
Parking: Aplenty
Rating: 5*
#Seremban: #KwanSpecialistMedicalCentre Sdn Bhd.
C-1-1, Jalan Dataran Sentral 3. Dataran Sentral.
A Specialist Centre of great Fame.
Interview with Patients......indicate very positive reactions.

Expert in #Rheumatology n Geriatric Medicine.
Also the Midas Touch for curing #BoneSpurs n #Spine problems. 

The way of treatment is very good. Only Acupuncture, Injection n Medication. this is your life saving way to prevent you from surgery or operation.

Once will attended. They don't take appointment by phone.
Cut-off time is at 4pm
Though not computerised....Mr Eric will be at hand to entertain all queries.
A lot patients come from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur n other States.
#Transport: Call Mr Dominic Lee at 0126649886. They can do pick up from Airport.
Open: 9am-4pm.
Closed: Sunday n Public Holidays.
Rating: Not related to KTMT..... but great commendation received.


#BROGA: Located along Jalan Broga....slightly opposite Balai Polis, Broga is this #ABCPANMEE.
After a hike from Broga Hill or Sak Dato Temple .... It would be advisable to drop by this place.
Famous for its #ABC n #PANMEE.
The #Laksa, Mixed Rice n YTF are also quite good.
Easily over 12 years old.
'Family Run' Business..... the ABC are on separate by two Sisters, while the Brother handles the Mixed Rice n PanMee.
Prices are relatively cheap......many Locals frequent this place.
Non Halal.
Plenty of parking
Open: 8.30am-about 4pm
Closed on Friday...check on their FB, Broga ABC PANMEE.
Rating: 3.5*